Lia Di Gregorio portrait


Lia Di Gregorio has been creating jewellery since 1986.

Born in the enchanting and culturally rich region of Apulia, in Southern Italy, Lia Di Gregorio then moved first to Rome to read classical studies, and then to Florence to train as a goldsmith. Here Lia was able to study artisanal techniques of jewellery making that have allowed her to create her signature collections where Italian goldsmith heritage meets contemporary design.  Since 1990 Lia Di Gregorio lives and works in Milan where her atelier is based and host collaborators, designers and goldsmiths.

Each of Lia’s collections is inspired by her passion for contemporary and modern art, rationalist architecture, and an on-going love affair with structural European fashion.

Deeply rooted in every jewel is Lia Di Gregorio’s fascination with earthly powers and the intricate simplicity and elegance of the natural world: textures, patterns and shapes of plants and flowers are a constant source of inspiration for new collections.

Lia Di Gregorio’s jewellery can be found in selected shops and prominent concept stores that are acknowledged as unique reference points in the contemporary fashion and design realm. The entire production of Lia Di Gregorio’s jewels is made in Italy by expert artisans and also includes custom made pieces prepared and curated for the needs of each client.